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good morningtom yeah.5(a? i'm pxis.swv that's rkvt3?sgrome to+ thursday, cle sk a >$ 3z 2012. southeasky.,? you can see the reflection off the earth shining on the dark side of the moon. it's like a full earth night for those residing on the moon. beautiful shot from our city camera. right now 27 under that clear sky at reagan national. we have a light northeasterly breeze. under this clear sky, we have mars and saturn in the southern sky, and is the winter constellations are twinkling bright limit it's down into the teens in prince george's county. arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties and much of the region in the teens.
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the blue ridge, northern neck into the mid 20s as well as the eastern shore. have some clouds closing in from the west, those will be moving in towards us during the day with highs around 40 degrees. evening planner in 20 minutes. here's a look at traffic. good morning, danella. >> the beltway, no issues for you. 66 looks good. 395 looks good. not seeing a lot of issues. the big problem this morning is on new york avenue, heading towards montana avenue. the water main break is slowing you down and causes you problems. tracee wilkins is here live now with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let me show you what it's looking like out here. all of that white stuff over there on new york avenue, that's all of the salt that they're packing down on this road to deal with this water main break and the effects of it. you can see the salt truck is still laying that salt down to try to make this an easier commute for folks. look at that backup. it's backed up pretty far. this is a water main break that happened closer to montana
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avenue. after you cross over bladensburg heading inbound, they will move you over to the far left-hand lane so they can try to get you out of this icy area they have due to the water main break. it happened earlier this morning. water went all the way down the street. they've been able to turn the water off since, that's good news, but of course because we're dealing with freezing temperatures, we had some icy patches. it will be slow going for folks trying to take new york avenue headed inbound to washington. that's a long backup there. but the good news is that they do have the water stopped now. they also have lots of salt going on to the road as well. after you get past montana avenue, no more issues. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning. back to you in the studio. a billionaire history buff will donate $7.5 million to help repair the washington monument. the national park service will make the announcement today. the monument has been off limits since the august 23rd
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earthquake. megan mcgrath is live on the national mall with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, joe. it's one of washington's biggest tourist attractions, but the washington monument has been closed since it was damaged in that 5.8 earthquake back in august. the price tag to fix the monument, $15 million. congress kicked in half of the money, but then told the park service to raise the rest. a single donor has come forward, david rubenstein a local fill lan t fiphilanthropist has come forwa with the money. there is some issues with water seeping inside. there's some serious damage, far too unstable to allow visitors inside. the actual repair work is expected to take about a year. so even though the money has been raised, it will be a while before visitors are allowed to go back inside and look at the
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view from the top there. the money that been raised. a single donor has come forward. we're expecting to hear more about the renovation work as well as the donation during a press conference later on this morning. back to you. >> megan mcgrath, thank you very much. rubenstein is no stranger to saving endangered icons around washington, d.c. last month he donated $4.5 million to the panda reproduction program. the zoo has two giant pandas but breeding has been unsuccessful over the past few years. seven months ago rubenstein donated $13.5 million to the national archives. firefighter are trying to figure out what sparked a fire on germantown court it is believed the fire started in a fireplace downstairs and spread towards the attic. no one was hurt. three people who live there now had to find somewhere else to stay.
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a bethesda mother faces charges after police say a fire started after she went to the gym and left her child home alone. firefighters were called to the apartment yesterday evening. the 6-year-old girl set off the smoke alarm when she tried to use the toaster oven. when investigators showed up, police say the girl told them her mother went to a kickboxing class. the mother will be cited for leaving the child alone. they will turn their investigation over to the state's attorneys office. tonight white house hopeful also have a final chance to impress voters in south carolina. at this point, former massachusetts governor mitt romney is the clear front-runner. he holds a ten-point lead over former house speaker newt gingrich in the latest cnn/time/orc poll. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum is a distant third place. congressman ron paul is in fourth place and rick perry is in fifth. romney is feeling the heat
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that comes with being the front-runner. rick perry is accusing him of changing his position on abortion for political convenience. romney supported legalized abortion while governor of massachusetts and says he changed his mind after weighing legislation that would have created new embryos to be destroyed. romney is also firing back at his opponents who are accusing him of running a dirty campaign. >> i fully expect the romney campaign to be unendingly dishonest and dirty for the next four days, because they're desperate. they thought they could buy this. they're discovering they can't buy this. >> i was disappointed over the last couple of weeks to see one of my opponents attracting free enterprise just like the president was. that's not the role of the republican party. >> romney is also taking heat over his finances. a campaign spokesperson confirms that romney and his wife have money in the cayman islands which is well known as a tax
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haven for americans. that spokesperson says the romneys are being taxed the same way they would as if the money were in the united states. newt gingrich may also be feeling some heat in the final days before the south carolina primary. abc news reports it is ready to air a candid interview it taped with the former house speaker's second wife. the gingrich campaign appears to be trying to get out ahead of the story. it released a statement from gingrich's daughters from his first marriage in which they state the failure of a marriage is a terrible and emotional experience for everyone involved. he has said before privately and publically that he regrets any pain he may have caused in the past to the people he loves. president obama launched his first tv ad of his re-election campaign. in it he defends his energy record against krit sfriccritic republican-leaning outside group. >> the commercial responds to a
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group that accuses president obama's campaign from collecting funds from a solar company that declared bankruptcy in exchange for a large federal loan. the ads will run in six states including virginia. a surprising excuse for the captain of a doomed cruise ship. why the man said he ended up leaving the boat. first they were buried in snow, but the ordeal continues for the pacific northwest. the new concerns facing that region this morning. and we have a cold start in our area this morning.
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good morning. tom kierein in storm center4 at 5:11 this thursday morning it is cold, down into the teens from west virginia to the atlantic beaches, including most of maryland and virginia. closer to washington, montgomery and fairfax counties down to the upper teens near 20. arlington county, mid 20s. upper 20s in washington. near 20 in prince george's county. the view from space showing a clear sky here. a few clouds drifting into the mountains coming in from the west ahead of a cold front that will be arriving here later tonight. it's going to be a cold day ahead of that cold front. only climbing to the low 40s by mid afternoon. and while our sunrise at 7:24, sunset at 5:14. a cloudy evening, could get flurries midnight north of the metro area. a look at that cold weather for
5:13 am
friday and some wintry precipitation for the weekend in ten minutes. danel danella, how is traffic? >> inbound new york avenue, the water main break. the water has stopped but possible icy conditions. only the left lane gets you by this is as you travel inbound new york avenue approaching montana avenue. already seeing a lot of delays at bladensburg. very slow towards the scene. use caution, if possible just avoid new york avenue until this gets better. traveling i-270 in maryland by shady grove, a little busy. traveling 95 out of the occoquam, still busy. right now at 65 miles per hour. not bad at all. back to you. >> 5:13 now. 30 degrees. ahead on news 4 today, putting the breaks on a controversial pipeline. what the company behind this massive project plans to do now
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after the president blocked it. a critical perspective on the life of jfk junior and his wife. what a ♪
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divers are once again searching wreckage of an overturned cruise ship near italy. crews are looking for 21 people still missing from friday's disaster. forecasters say rough seas later today could force authorities to call off search efforts and plans to start pumping fuels from the ship. the ship's captain is accused of steering the "costa concordia" into shallow waters causing it to overturn.
5:18 am
and they say that route was approved. >> must have come perilously close, i mean possibly within touching distance. >> schettino may have taken the same path last year and come even closer. more human body parts have been found in the same park where a severed head was discovered earlier this week in california. dog walkers found the human head tuesday wrapped in a plastic bag in hollywood hills, not far from the famous hollywood sign. yesterday two hands and two feet were found. police say they are still trying to find out whether all the body parts belonged to the same person. they also say the person may have been killed elsewhere and then his body dumped in that park. the victim, a man, has still not been identified. a canadian company that wants to build an oil pipeline across north america plans to reapply for a permit that president obama turned down.
5:19 am
the keystone pipeline would run from canada to the east coast. transcanada's ceo said he was not surprised that the keystone pipeline got rejected. president obama said he turned down the pipeline because congress only gave him 60 days to review the pipeline which was not enough time. two anti-piracy bills involving the internet are losing steam quickly, just hours after an estimated 7,000 web domain protested, two congressman and two senators with drew their support from the bills. some sites including wikipedia and craigslist shut down completely yesterday. the concern is that the bills could limit free speech. one of the bills would allow the government to monitor and shut down websites accused of distributing pirated material. the second was targeted at foreign sites. fairfax county fire officials say someone intentionally set fire at a federal judges house last month.
5:20 am
the fire ripped through the home in mclane. a teenager was inside at the time but he got out safely. the fire caused about $300,000 in damage. investigators are not saying how the fire was set or if there are possible suspects. this morning a potomac, maryland family is looking for another place to live after fire destroyed their home. it took firefighters more than three hours to put out the flames. firefighters believe it started on the first floor of a six-bedroom home. a granddaughter said her grandmother was inside the house when the fire started and ran out screaming for help. >> i'm kind of in shock right now. don't know what to think. just kind of numb, but glad everybody is out. >> the family is also searching for a dog. they hope the dog ran out of the house when the fire began. residents of the pacific northwest are digging out from a foot of snow, and there are new
5:21 am
weather concern theres there th morning. flooding from all the melting snow. thousands of people lost power. it is now 5:21. time for weather and traffic on the ones. a very cold start to our day. temperatures below freezing. >> really cold out there, tom. >> in many locations, it's down to the teens. 20 in montgomery county. it has dipped in the upper teens in western fairfax. near the beltway, low 20s. arlington, mid 20s. mid and upper 20s in washington. prince george's county near 20, as well as calvert, charles and st. mary's. near the bay, 20s to near 30. and further to the west, low to mid teens. across the panhandle of west virginia, shenandoah valley and
5:22 am
west virginia, weather watchers reporting a clear sky. down into the mid 20s there in the northern neck. a few clouds around the eastern portion of the northern neck and the bay. sunrise at 7:24. some sunshine this morning. still below freezing at 9:00. ought to get into the upper 30s by noontime, briefly the lower 40s in the afternoon. a cloudy evening. mid 30s by midnight. pre-dawn friday, a few flurries are possible north of the d.c. metro area. just a slight chance of that sunshine back tomorrow. partly cloudy, highs in the upper 30s after a cold start in the 20s. near 30 saturday morning. could get a mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain early saturday morning, then changing the rest of the day, high near 40s. cold sunday, near 40. monday, could get some rain developing during the day, milder. drying out tuesday and wednesday. now, danella, how is traffic? >> traveling inbound new york avenue, still delays. breaking news for you as you are
5:23 am
making your way towards montana avenue. crews are responding to icy patches. we had a water main break, it's now clear, but you are jammed. only the left lane is getting you by. if you are traveling route 50 from 301 to the beltway, 64 miles per hour. taking the beltway at 50 to i-95, 58 miles per hour. on 66 looking good from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 63 miles per hour a live look inside the beltway at glebe road, no problems for you. heading east, you're at 59 miles per hour. back to you. you may want to think twice before you text while driving in virginia. police there may soon have the authority to pull you over for that. texting behind the wheel is already illegal, but it is considered to be what they call a secondary offense, that means police must pull you over for another offense in order to give you a citation for texting.
5:24 am
however a state senate committee just approved legislation that would make testing while driving a primary offense. two shutouts in two nights for the caps, but this time they were on the winning side. after losing 3-0 at home on tuesday, the caps went on the road to montreal and shut out the canadiens 3-0. alex ovechkin scored his 19th goal of the year, and the goalie had a stellar game making 31 saves on the night. the caps won three of the last four games and will look to improve their record on the road friday in carolina. even without the caps in town, the verizon center was rocking last night as the wizards pulled an upset over one of the best teams in the league. the wizards, yes, the wizards as joe mentioned, beat the oklahoma city thunder 105-102. it was the first true team effort as john wall and nick young combined for 50 points.
5:25 am
the defense did just enough to keep kevin durant in check. the wizards will be looking for their third win pride against the nuggets. a plan to light up the home of the capitals and wizards with more electronic billboards is feeling some backlash now. the d.c. council is considering a bill that would allow um to nine jumbotrons around the verizon center. the signs could be any size and that has one neighboring business upset. vida fitness says it is worried the billboards would wrap around the entire arena ruining the natural light and driving down property values. they say the bright lights would be viewable from the treasury building nearly a mile away. the d.c. council will hold a hearing next monday. mark wahlberg is apologizing for comments he made about the september 11th terrorist attacks. the actor told mens journal he would have stopped terrorists from flying a plane into the world trade center if he was on the plane. wahlberg was scheduled to be on one of the planes that crashed into the world trade center, but changed his ticket to attend a
5:26 am
film festival. one of the widows of a 9/11 victim called the comments disrespectful. in his apology, wahlberg said he did not mean to be disrespectful. a federal probe is investigating if the obama administration leaked classified information about the osama bin laden raid to hollywood producers. the pentagon and the cia are investigating a complaint filed by peter king. kathryn bigelow is working on an untitled film about the raid. filmmakers got access to a high-level cia ceremony that honoring the unidentified s.e.a.l. team that killed bin laden. the white house denied any wrong doing. more than 12 years after the
5:27 am
death of john f. kennedy junior and his wife, carolyn bessette were killed, kennedy's assistant said the couple was having serious marriage troubles. rosemary terenzio sat down with "people" magazine to talk about the book. bessette initially refused to get on the flight in 1999. terenzio told carolyn she could go on the trip because it was a family wedding. hours later the plane crashed into the atlantic ocean near martha's vineyard. kennedy, carolyn bessette and lauren bessette were all killed. coming up, new allegations facing one of the region's major utilities. why some say pepco is not paying
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the race for south carolina is tightening up this morning as criticism builds for republican front-runner mitt romney. and plans to repair the washington monument are moving forward thanks to a major
5:31 am
donation. i'm eun yang. >> i'm joe krebs. welcome back, it's thursday, the 19th of january. let's take a live look outside. we have 31 degrees, and we have nice skies, but it is cold out there this morning. that's probably one of the warmer areas, right? 31? >> that's right. most locations in the teens. take a moment to gaze at the crescent moon in the southeastern sky, and look in breathless wonder, you will enjoy a wonderful view of that as the day progresses. quite a day today. there's the view of capitol hill. 27 at reagan national with a light northeasterly breeze. it's very dry. you will need the skin lotion today. dew points are low. temperatures down into the teens in fairfax, montgomeries county, parts of prince george's county and southern maryland near the bay, near 30s. away from the waters, mid 20s. blue ridge, shenandoah valley,
5:32 am
into the mountains, just into the mid and upper teens this morning under a clear sky. we have the bright stars up along with saturn and mars in the southern and southwestern sky. sunrise, 7:24. sunny this morning, cloudy this afternoon, highs reaching low 40s. evening planner in ten minutes. danella, how is traffic? >> breaking news traveling new york avenue towards montana avenue inbound. at last check, police were on the scene, had a water main break. there the water has stopped. only the left lane was getting by. right now we have tracee wilkins standing by with more. how are things now? >> reporter: good news, they just decided to open up all of the lanes. you can see both lanes are open heading into d.c. from -- on new york avenue. so inbound traffic is moving. as you see, when you look down the road here, there's still a major backup from when they did have just one lane getting by.
5:33 am
one lane from bladensburg towards montana. but now all the lanes are open, so traffic can move freely. they have the road packed with lots of salt after this water main break that caused some slippery conditions this morning. again, as you mentioned, the water has been stopped. repair crews are pretty much done repairing this for now. it may be a little slow as you enter because they just decided to open up all the lanes here. it's just a bit of a backup. you should be okay making your way up new york avenue. tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. republican presidential hopefuls will face off one final time tonight in south carolina before voters head to the polls on sunday. the candidates are still taking aim at front-runner mitt romney over his wealth and taxes, but they also are addressing one of the nation's most continue versverse controversial issues, abortion. tracie potts has more.
5:34 am
>> reporter: taxes and abortion on the campaign trail in south carolina. let's start with taxes. mitt romney admitting he pays 15% because most of his income is from investments, not wages, as he explained yesterday. new jersey governor chris christie, a big supporter of romney, he's endorsed him, he's been out on the campaign trail with him, says romney should release his tax records sooner rather than later, but romney is sticking to april, saying he will do it after the most current tax forms are ready. last night there was a pro-life forum in south carolina. abortion a big issue in the conservative south. and all but one candidate was there. >> i will not sign any appropriation bill that has any funding for planned parenthood. >> i want to protect the rights of the states to make these definitions. if you're going to be pro-life, you have to be pro-life. you can't be partly pro-life. >> reporter: newt gingrich was there, too.
5:35 am
mitt romney was not. thedeclined. he has been criticize for switching positions. >> tracie potts, thank. a new poll shows romney's challengers are starting to narrow the lead and now president obama is starting to make his voice heard. melissa is here with more on the poll and the president's first campaign ad. >> reporter: good morning. the latest poll shows mitt romney has lost some support, but more importantly his rivals are gaining ground on the former governor. look right here. now, the poll by "time" magazine and cnn shows 33% of voters in south carolina are supporting romney at this point, that's a double digit lead over gingrich, who has 23%. earlier this month romney led the entire pack by 20 points. looking at rick santorum, he's been striking distance, due to his appeal with social conservatives. he is currently earning 16%.
5:36 am
flipping that around for ron paul. ron paul not far behind him with 13%. all of this could change before saturday, of course, as 7% of voters say they have not made up their minds at this point. now, as republican candidates jockey for position, president obama's cane is about to kick off. the president's first campaign ad of the season is out this morning. in it the president responds to a spot released by americans for prosperity. the group accuses mr. obama's campaign for collecting funds from a solar company that declared bankruptcy in exchange for a large loan. >> independent watchdogs call this president's record on ethics unprecedented. america's clean energy industry, $2.7 million jobs and expanding rapidly. >> that ad is running in a handful of states.
5:37 am
a former mt. rainier police officer will learn his fate today nearly two months after pleading guilty to attempted murder. gene gillette was said to have lured a man to his capital heights home last july. once there, they say gillette tried to sexually assault the man and shot him when he tried to get away. gillette is a former two-time officer of the year and an iraq war veteran. today the parent's virginia girl who was found dead four years ago will announce a new lead in the case. annie mccann was found dead in november of 2008 in an east baltimore housing project. officials say mccann died from a lethal dose of lidocaine from a bottle of bactine. police say the death points to suicide, but the family believes annie mccann was murdered. today they'll hold a news conference announcing new developments. today the national park service will announce a billionaire history buff will donate $7.5 million to repair the washington monument.
5:38 am
the monument has been off limits since the august 23rd earthquake. david rubenstein will donate the rest of the money. he's from the carlisle group. he is no stranger to large donations, he recently gave $4.5 million to the national zoo panda program and one of washington's top tourism officials tells news 4 he's glad the repairs can begin. >> it's good news that the monies are in place to continue with the renovation and get the monument back open again from a tourism perspective, you know, it's good for us overall but the fact it's closed now does not deter people from coming to washington. >> the restoration project could take up to a year to complete. 5:38 is our time. it's hardly a harmless prank. the damage a group of vandals are causing in one maryland community. and reaching dulles airport was the big reason for building
5:39 am
the silver line. but trains may end up rolling past it. we'll show you why. and another chilly start to the day. could m
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. good morning. weather and traffic on the ones
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early on this thursday morning at 5:41. tom kierein in storm center4, off to a clear and cold start. in the teens, throughout virginia, maryland, west virginia, the eastern shore. 27 at reagan national. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county only near 20 degrees now. there are a few clouds drifting into the mountains of west virginia. elsewhere we are clear. and there is that gorgeous crescent moon in the southeastern sky. that's a live picture from our city camera. we'll have our temperatures still below freezing by 9:00. by noontime, upper 30s. near 40 during the afternoon with increasing clouds. evening planner, sunset 5:14. cloudy this evening. above freezing this evening. after midnight, maybe a few flurries. we'll look at that. cold weather for friday, a wintry mix for the weekend. how is traffic, danella? >> things are look better on new
5:43 am
york avenue, everything is open heading towards montana avenue. you will find salt on the road, but lanes are open. just use caution. it looks like the congestion is getting a bit better. traveling i-270 at father hurley boulevard, lanes are open. not seeing any issues for you. i-95 in virginia, fairfax county parkway northbound getting crowded at fairfax county parkway, but lanes are open and you are clear as you connect on to 395 and cross over the 14th street bridge. taking the rails, no reported delays at this time on the metro, the marc or the vre. >> 5:43 is the time. new allegations facing one of the region's major utilities. why some say pepco is not paying its fair share of taxes. they
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
good morning. welcome back. a new report says pepco is one of the dirty 30, that's the list of the top 30 fortune 500 corporations that pay less on federal income taxes than they spend on lobbying. it says between 2000 and 2010, the utility company paid $3.8 million to lobbyists but did not pay any taxes. the report adds that pepco made $508 million in profits from federal tax rebates. last year pepco was named one of the most hated companies in the united states by the american customer satisfaction index group. metro's new silver line may not make a stop at dulles after all. according to "the washington examiner" the airport authority is
5:48 am
thinking about eliminating the stop altogether. instead riders would have to get along route 28 in fairfax county and then take a bus or light rail train another mile and a half to the airport. that move could save about $70 million. a surveillance camera may eventually be keeping an eye on you when you ride metro. "the washington examiner" is reporting that metro is planning on putting cameras in about a half dozen railcars. they will eventually place cameras on all the trains. the first camera should be in place by the end of 2013. there are also cameras overseeing some station entrances and station platforms. they also monitor bus drivers and passengers. a d.c. police sergeant is on administrative leave accused of beating up a woman working at bar and club in southeast washington. the sergeant got in fight with a bartender at gorginas on mlk avenue yesterday morning. he screamed expletives at her, grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground. he was arrested and charged with
5:49 am
domestic violence. prince george's county police are looking for several people who beat up a 16-year-old and robbed him. it happened on a trail behind glass manor elementary school yesterday afternoon. investigators say the teen was beaten so badly he had to go to the hospital. police have not released the extent of his injuries. they say he should recover. police need your help in finding this woman, who they say robbed an 84-year-old woman in takoma park last week. investigators say she approached the victim at murray's steaks store. she was with another woman and three young children who the person said she had -- said the kids had not eaten in days. after agreeing to help the woman cash a check at a nearby bank, the suspect told her she had a gu gun. >> were you scared, ma'am? >> yes, ma'am. i'm still scared. i keep looking around thinking
5:50 am
they have been watching me, and they will follow me home. >> police say she forced the victim to withdraw thousands of dollars in cash from her life savings. homeowners associations plan to step up neighborhood watches after police search for the person who is throwing bricks and rocks into peoples homes and cars. the incidents have cost residents of montgomery village thousands of dollars in repairs. one woman says the vandalist targeted her house twice in the last six weeks. >> it's more frustrating than anything else, now we have to replace the door again. >> we didn't think it was going to happen again. on saturday it was so surprising. >> all of the incidents have happened within a mile of each other. that leads police to believe the suspect or suspects live in the area. it's now easier to hear about emergencies in prince george's county. the county has a new
5:51 am
notification system that can send alerts via e-mail and text mail notices. the website to sign up is notifyme.princegeorge'scounty. gov. somebody opened up the drain. it's 29 degrees. >> man. >> indeed. now we've had an extended run of cold weather. we've been spoiled this winter. we had our ups and downs, now we are into a several day period of somewhat colder than average weather for even mid to late january. right now it's a very cold start. we have a clear sky. there's a live view from the sky watcher camera. there's a crescent moon over southeastern washington and prince george's county. looking off to the east. that's a live picture. there's a live picture of the washington monument along the banks of the potomac river. at reagan international, it's 27 degrees. that's a warm spot. the bay waters are in the low
5:52 am
40s. anywhere near the water, it's warmer. away from the waters in southern maryland, only 20 degrees. low to mid 20s for the northern neck and eastern shore. weather watchers further west and north reporting only in the mid teens around the blue ridge, shenandoah valley and the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. down into the teens in montgomery and fairfax counties. low 20s in arlington county, right near 20 in prince george's. sunrise at 7:24. we'll have temperatures still below freezing by midmorning. by noontime, upper 30s. increasing clouds this afternoon. highs climbing to around 40 or so by mid afternoon. this evening, sunset at 5:14. above freezing through the evening. after midnight may dip below freezing. a weak cool front coming through that may trigger a few flurries pre-dawn on friday. sun back tomorrow. highs only in the upper 30s. saturday morning, early, around dawn, maybe some wet snow,
5:53 am
sleet, freezing rain, then changing to all rain the rest of the day with the high around 40. cloudy sunday around 40. drying out tuesday and wednesday. danella, how is traffic? >> trafficking in virginia on i-66, no issues there or on i-95. checking travel speeds, inner loop at the dulles toll road, 64 miles per hour. prince george's county past branch avenue, 59 miles per hour. making your way on the inner loop at route 50, 63 miles per hour. at route one, nothing but green in both directions. live look right now as you make your way past college park and heading into green bell, looks good traveling the outer loop towards montgomery county, the beltway there, issue and accident-free at this time. >> thank you. new from overnight, kodak filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. the move comes after the 131-year-old company failed to
5:54 am
find a buyer for its portfolio of 1,100 digital patents. the company said it secured $950 million in financing from citigroup to keep it afloat during the bankruptcy proceedings. the company that changed the way people listen to music is setting its sights on textbooks. apple is expected to jump into the business of digital textbooks later today. they will make that announcement in new york city and introduce a new platform for publishers to market the school books. textbooks are a $4.5 billion industry with e-textbookonly accounting for 6% of the sales. but apple expects with the increasing popularity of tablets including the ipad and e-readers, tails will increase and lighten the load in kids backpacks. a new report may shed light on what caused the acceleration issues that caused toyota to recall millions of vehicle the.
5:55 am
driver error is to blame but some electronics errors may have been a factor. there might have been untraceable glitches that caused cars to accelerate uncontrollably and without warning. there was no evidence of technological defects with toyota. not even three weeks into the new year and we are seeing an unwanted trend in the airline industry. airfare is going up. airlines are layering on surcharges to domestic flights as people get ready to book summer travel. this week delta started charging its second hike of this year. customers will find ticket prices $4 to $10 higher for round trip tickets t comes after a $20 hike last week. experts say this could be just the beginning of fare hikes. if you are tired of telemarketers calling, you can now sue. people who get unwanted calls from telemarketers and other businesses can sue in state and
5:56 am
federal courts. the high court's ruling involved a lawsuit where a debt collector used repeated phone calls to try to collect a student loan debt. facebook is adding more than 60 new applications to let users share photos, recipes and music. the new apps let users share the tiniest details of their lives on their facebook profiles, also known as their time line. the new app also cover a range of topics including food, fashion, travel and reading. facebook calls it frictionless sharing, because once you sign up it will automatically share the specific details. facebook expects developers to create thousands more in the coming weeks and months. the oscars may be more than biggest events kicks off today. the sundance film festival begins in park city, utah.
5:57 am
it spotlights independent films and documentaries. the big studios could make some wild buys. hbo documentary films has already picked up u.s. broadcast rights for the documentary "me at the zoo" about viral video star chris crocker. he is the leave britney alone guy, remember him? he cries. >> i know. the past is getting a lot more colorful thanks to a swedish artist. >> look at this she is transforming some of the world's most famous black and white photos. she is adding high resolution color to the images. the photographs include the victory in japan day celebration, featuring the famous sailor kiss in times square. then the shocking picture of a prisoner being shot by an army general during the vietnam war. and she is also planning to touch up a 1937 image of the so-called american dream photograph that portrayed the success of mostly whites in america. the artist hopes to sell her work online.
5:58 am
cool to see all those images. >> black and white photos are so iconic. nice to see. we'll be right back with new what makes the sleep number store different? the sleep number bed. with the sleep number bed, it's not about soft or firm. it's about support where you find it most comfortable. the magic of this bed is that you're sleeping on something that conforms to your individual shape. on a traditional mattress, there is no adjustment. you get what you're buying that day. with our bed, you change the setting to something you like. this way, if you change your mind once you get home you can adjust it. wow! that feels really good. it's hugging my body. you can adjust it to whatever your needs are. your body changes over time. the bed can adapt with you. not only does it work for you today, but it's going to work for you 20 years from now. so whatever you feel like, the sleep number bed's going to provide it for you. and now, the company that redefined sleep is redefining memory foam. save $400 on our all-new memory foam bed the only bed that combines cool,
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contouring gel foam with sleep number adjustability. and stock up and save on our exclusive bedding collection at our white sale. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. stay with us.

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